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Why dry ice cleaning?


Dry ice is a non-abrasive method of cleaning. Being -110 ̊F , dry ice instantly freezes any debris from the substructure for easy removal. Dry ice blasting uses compressed air to propel pellets at supersonic speed, expanding 800 times itself from a solid to a gaseous state, creating mini-explosions on impact. Pellets are made from food-grade carbon dioxide and are Approved by FDA, EPA, and USDA.


When some of the dry ice penetrates through the material to be removed, it comes in contact with the underlying surface. The warmer sub surface causes the dry ice to convert back into carbon dioxide gas. The gas has 800 times greater volume and expands behind the material, ultimately speeding up its removal. Oil, grease, asphalt, tar, soot, dirt, and resins are some of the materials removed by this procedure.
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