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Fire & Mold remediation

Allows most items to be cleaned in place
Approved by FDA, EPA, USDA
One of the most effective and least invasive methods for fire and mold restoration is dry ice blasting. As traditional methods for restoration generally involve pressure washing, using water will saturate porous materials such as wood or brick; and can cause even more problems than may have previously existed. Dry ice blasting is superior in that it dries instantly and leaves absolutely no moisture residue.
Often recommended by insurance agencies, dry ice blasting for mold and fire remediation is rapidly becoming the industry standard. The process’s sheer efficiency and effectiveness in removing smoke, smells, mildew,mold and fire damage without causing further deterioration of surface materials makes it the most preferred method—hands down.
While aesthetics are important in remediation, even more noticeable is the smell of fire damage and mold presence. Once surfaces are clean, smells may remain. Dry ice blasting effectively and safely removes most residual smells, leaving surfaces clean and odorless. 
Why dry ice blasting?      
- Dry ice blasting is free from any future water damage·        
- Dry ice blasting is completely safe for electrical components·        
- Dry ice blasting does not require using harmful chemicals or solvents·        
- Dry ice blasting cleans surfaces without surface erosion and etching.

- Applicable to concrete, brick, wood and relatively any other surface under the sun.

Simply put, dry ice blasting is cleaner, faster, safer, and more efficient
This is us blasting away a form of burnt on plastic, or rubber on a concrete garage floor. Typically they would have to send someone in to grind this away, then skim coat it. Since we were able to spot blast these types of areas and not do the entire floor. It's been estimated that we saved them over 90% of the typical cost. That savings includes the 4-5 days of man hours it would typically take to remediate this kind of job.
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