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Frac Pump Radiators

Having the right service partner with experience in the field of Heat Transfer modules is as important as the equipment. Mackie Services has years of experience working with frac pump radiators and heat exchangers. We understand how to operate around this machinery.
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Mackie Services dry ice blasting for the printing industry replaces the use of dangerous solvents, scrapers, chisels, and emery cloths without having to dismantle the press thus eliminating many direct and indirect costs.
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In the past, this process was slow and very physically demanding which required a lot of “man hours". With dry ice blasting we can usually cut the man hours by two-thirds and keep project progress moving forward seamlessly.
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Dry ice blasting for production facilities provides a quick, safe, and economical cleaning solution that allows equipment to be cleaned in-place without disassembly or cool down.
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With dry ice blasting there is enough velocity to make the dry ice blast all the way through the stacked radiators and blow all the sand and dust contaminates completely through for a more complete clean without damage to the radiator.
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