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Traditional methods for cleaning printing presses may result in significant down-time for your machines. Chemical solvents, scraping, and laborious wiping are time consuming, and invasive. The build-up of grease and ink on printing equipment also often causes issues with alignment and high scrap rates. Mackie Services process allows for effective and nonviolent cleaning in a fraction of the time of outdated methods.
As an example, manual scraping often requires an estimated 25-man hours per-piece of equipment. Conversely, dry ice blasting can accomplish the same results in less than two hours. No longer is it necessary to allocate revenuestagnating down-time to the cleaning of your machines, resulting inlittle-to-no stoppage and increased production.
Other benefits of dry ice blasting for printing machinery include the elimination of scrapers, emery cloths, chisels and dangerous solvents. Also, there is no need to go through the time consuming and often dangerous process of dismantling the press; which always result in indirect costs including (but not limited to) downtime, wear of machined parts, scrap,hazardous waste, poor printing and solvents.
Mackie Services Dry Ice Blasting System for the Printing Industry Provides:
  • Reduced Down-Time
  • No Secondary Waste
  • Limited Scrap
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • An Environmentally Safe Process
  • Ink Tray Cleaning
  • Side Wall Cleaning
  • Drum Cleaning
  • Gripper / Roller Cleaning
  • Letterpress Cleaning
  • Flexolography Cleaning
  • Gravure PressCleaning
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